Community Opportunity Group Starting Feb 18th

Where: Verve Church in Las Vegas, 7850 Dean Martin Blvd Ste 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139
When: Sunday Feb 18th 1pm
Group meets thru May
Whether or not you are new to Verve or a seasoned veteran you will notice a motto painted on our walls:  “Love God, Love People, Turn the World Upside Down.”
But What Does it REALLY mean to “Turn the World Upside Down?”
Vegas is a big town with MANY lonely people yearning for connection. The #VegasStrong motto is a great gift received from a horrible event. People learned we DO have community in Vegas and do want to feel connection beyond coming together after a tragedy. However, people don’t always know how to “do” community and are often times afraid to reach out.
Our goal in the Community Opportunity Group is to give another way to learn about and experience community together AND to reach out and literally “turn our world upside down.”
The intention for this monthly group is to enhance your experience at Verve as well as to experience creative and fun ways to build and enrich our Vegas Valley community. This group is NOT meant to replace your being in a weekly Verve Group where you will have a more intimate opportunity to get to know others.

Purpose for this group: In the Community Opportunity Group you will learn more about what defines community, how to take your own gifts, interests and talents and create unique memories and events in your community in order to build relationships. The best part is that we intend to help each other through this understanding and ongoing practice to Love God, Love People and Turn the World Upside Down.

Facilitator: Tara Rayburn

Other Interesting Facts:
* We hope this group grows with a life beyond once a month and creates many opportunities to be in community with other Ververs AND our Vegas community.

* We will be using a Facebook Group for internal discussions. Once you sign up, you will receive link.

* We will also use Tara’s Faith Habits on  (not a dating serve, but a event share program)



* Faith Habits on Facebook

* Faith Habits on Pinterest

* Faith Habits Group – Vegas and Online events

* Verve Church – 7850 Dean Martin Blvd Ste 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139

* Verve Catalyst – Daily Bible Reading plan

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